Saturday, August 1, 2009

But she is a Hero...

She's gone... the woman who led the People Power Movement. Mrs Corazon Aquino (fondly known as Tita Cory) had passed away.I'm just too partial for this caption. =)

I barely have consciousness when the PPM was ongoing, but i do have some kind of memory around it. It's sitting on our living room, and watching TV of what seemed like thousands of people in EDSA, hoping to catch a glimpse of my parents and my elder brother. Years later, every People Power Anniversary celebrated, i did. A video with a curly-haired boy on someone's shoulders is shown yearly. That used to be my brother.

remind me to visit the EDSA Shrine when i come back. To pay some respects to the woman who didn't want to be called a hero, but nonetheless she is.

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