Thursday, August 6, 2009

reijene obsession's hitting a snag

From the unknown man i talked on the phone, an obsession starting to rise.

This is my challenge: to help those Filipino women (starting in Gwangju, hopefully) who had some bad, or very bad luck when they came to Korea: from the women thinking of greener pastures, to the girls who were promised a better life. I know i cannot offer much, me still being too stuck up, but i know i can provide some kind of support, a wake up call, kinder than this DRAMA QUEEN styling... I also have an extra room if you need one. =) Just don't ask me for finances, i know i cannot handle that (me being too stingy).

I already have the support of my mother-in-law. I saw her have this small smile. I'm guessing her thoughts would be: FINALLY! Me daring to go out and meet people. She had always tried to encourage me to go out and about, learn how the bus works, try and befriednd some of the inter-racial wives in the area, and i would give her this smile, and say, " NO, " in Korean, and rather defiantly. For almost four years it's always like that. She knew why, and she knows i hate it. But i guess she just respected what i was going through. Today i told her what i'm up to, and she said she's fine with it. We could use the second floor (if i have friends over) if it'd make me feel comfortable.

I already have the support of my forever apathetic turd of a husband (just my adjective, he's a good man). His words: YOU WILL. Knowing him for four years, it only meant one thing... Don't bug me to drive you. =) maybe i should learn how to drive... so that i could just steal his car and USE it. =P

However, the recent comments of Jehan and Jempres snapped me out of this naive and childish project! Add the obvious and typical objections of Arvin, equals me suddenly having second thoughts. This pet project i am hoping to start with will not be easy. Helping those who are already here and in need is one thing. Prevention of victims would be another thing. It's not going to be small!!

I am thinking, and probably will keep on thinking because i need a place to start! SO yes, now i am going to admit, i need help.


Cher@Surviving Korea said...

hi i've been thinking of the same thing, i even discussed it with betchay....i hope we can all sit down and talk about this, maybe we should organize an organization that could help other filipina sin korea, what do you think?

reijene said...

i'm all for it. i'd invite you over here as kayo tong isa lng ang babies each =D.

then meet the guy wgo bugged the entire buhay sa korea.. hahaha!!

hoy arvin, ready ka naba magpakita sa mundo?

SI PI EY on Board said...

hi! can I also join? although I don't know what I can offer so far but I want to help. :)

reijene said...


now kelan nyo gusto mag meet?

Anonymous said...

"Add the obvious and typical objections of Arvin, equals me suddenly having second thoughts. "

- I dont have any objections. This is indeed a good project. Im just playing a devil's advocate, and just giving you all an outsider's point of view. As an outsider, i can perceive lots of things that may not be visible to all of you.

jehan said...

i admit arvinsign's comments are really stimulating. they're true but at first i was just so taken aback with the way he says things..

i myself want to be a part of a "prevention" project like why not (make a petition to) conduct the cfo seminar before granting the korean license to contract marriage or the couple the marriage license....something like that... (parang ambitious yata on my part) cfo seminar is about cultural orientation pero sympre andon yung pananakot or discouragement like this question from the facilitator "so ano, tutuloy pa ba kayo?" ... so kahit dismayed pa yung mga pinay, they are already married, given money as they claimed so they have to keep their side of the bargain...

a fellow attendee said, "parang ayoko na pero nabigyan na ng pera yung nanay ko.. ano pa magagawa ko."

reijene said...

they're true but at first i was just so taken aback with the way he says things..

it gets worse, trust me.

but i see what you're trying to say. but i'm guessing it might not be an easier feat.

pag matchmaking agency kse, there would be some kind of "dowry" that i'm guessing, bago pa yung kasal itself. In which case, may extra pa. You and i both know after living here in korea, a huge amount sa pinas can be a little thing here.

ergo, pinay has no choice. bayad na sya eh.

but you're on to something... and a REAL brainstorming is a good idea..