Saturday, August 8, 2009

Progressing Prejudice

I think i just made the wrong title. ^^

Anyway, work-related and prejudice-related.

In this place, i am a bit unkind to Caucasians (understatement of the century), and prejudiced with Native Speakers as a whole.

I am, however, working my way around it as i have mentioned it before: It's not something i want to live by. I hate the fact that i, not just roll my eyes at the sight of an NS or a Caucasian, i actually flinch, and hear the whizzing of my pea-sized brain.

Be as it may, i have started working and there was an NS among the staff, a caucasian man, nevertheless.

Progress 1: I didn't roll my eyes.
Progress 2: I didn't flinch.
Progress 3: We even had a small talk. ^^

Juvenile? Yes, but to me this is progress. I still have this boundary issue, physically, and socially. The mere fact that i was able to stay in a room with an NS is an ordeal. To talk without being hostile? That's another.

I think i know what i want for my birthday: NS's as guests. See where my prejudice lies, and if i would be able to fight it.

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Anonymous said...

thats a good progress then. As ive said to you before, set aside your biases. Native Speakers (Caucasians and non-Caucasian) are as human as everybody else. Just dont join the bandwagon of mentally dysfunctional people who tends to generalize groups of people by virtue of the color of the skin, nature of job, social status, race, ethnicity etc using their personal experience or false ideologies as a basis of judgement.

In short, NS are actually nice people. Sometimes we need to look at things on a different perspective. In photography jargons, its like viewing at a different angle, try to re focus, and you'll get a nice picture of the subject.

Yeah they have their share of bad and rotten apples....but who doesnt?