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From Strange Fruit: The top 10 signs that someone is OR is no longer a virgin

I SAY... pag hindi ka natawa, ewan ko lng. being a virgin is always an issue with girls, specially if she has a boyfriend. the issue is always this: if they'd want to start having sex, or refrain from it. Even i was subjected to this pressure. When i lost my virginity, i never thought of it as a big deal, although coming clean about it came a little too difficult. One of the guys i was with told me, an adult relationship is never without sex. Sure. Guys like sex. If you meet a guy (not a gay guy) who didn't, tell me. Anyway, have fun! (fair warning: it contains our mother language)

There’s an age when it’s a shame to not be a virgin, but you also reach an age when it’s unthinkable if you still are. For me, too much ado about virginity. It’s nice if you treasure it and it goes to your first and one tru love, but otherwise, too much of an issue about a tissue.

December 5, 2008 → The Top Ten Signs That Someone Is Or Is No Longer A Virgin

  1. Ehd/C.VanillaBen – Pag virgin, AMOY MELON. Pag di na virgin, MELON AMOY.
  2. Maomao – Ang virgin, pag tinanong mo kung virgin, mao-offend. Ang non-virgin, pag tinanong mo kung virgin pa, ang sagot, “Siyempre oo noh! Virgin na virgin pa noh!”
  3. Jeckerkll/Curt Smith – Ang tunog ng wiwi ng virgin, “Psssss…” Ang tunog ng wiwi ng non-virgin, “Wooosh!”
  4. Maomao – Ang virgin, pag kinalabit mo, “Ano ba, wag diyan!” Ang non-virgin, “Tara, game?”
  5. His Cuteness – Ang virgin pag umuwi after mag-burger with her bf, malinis ang lips. Ang non-virgin, may mayonnaise sa labi.
  6. No name – A virgin would say “STOP IT, STOP IT!!!” A non virgin would say “STUFF IT, STUFF IT!!!”
  7. Bocaio – Ang virgin, mahilig sa beer. Ang di na virgin, mahilig sa hard.
  8. SPY Shadow – When taking medicine, virgins prefer oral while non-virgins would rather be injected.
  9. YƱaki – Ang non-virgins, bago kainin ang iltog at chorizo sa umaga, hinihimas muna.
  10. SC – Pag piki, virgin. Pag sakang, di na virgin.
  11. SPY Shadow – Ang non-virgins, laging madumi ang pusod.
  12. Specialist – Ang virgin, hatid sundo. Ang non-virgin, sundot hatid.
  13. Ronnie – Drop something on her lap. Ang virgins, iipitin ang mga legs. Ang non-virgins, bubukaka.
  14. Specialist – Virgins say, “Thank you!” Non-virgins say, “Please come again!”
  15. No name – ang non-virgins, mahilig sa aso. Kasi, nagkakatuta.
  16. Bocaio – Ang virgin, mahilig sa bihon. Ang non-virgin, mahilig sa canton.
  17. Yani – Virgin: “Hihihi…” Non-virgin: “HAHAHA!”
  18. Siver Bullet/ – Virgin: “Bakit mo ko dinala dito?” Non-virgin: “Bakit mo ko dinala dito? Mahina ang aircon dito!”

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