Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i have a job... ^^

well, supposed to be part-time morning classes, with the WORST possible time: 6:00 am.

only for two hours, because as the director had said, it's a "probation" period. For an entire month i am subjected to this "if the students like you" deal. if they do, i'd be given more loads in the evenings.

i know why. 4 and a half years ago i did it, too.

barely ten minutes ago, i received a phone call from the school....

I HAVE THE EVENING CLASSES NEXT MONTH!! i can't take it this month because it will disrupt the lesson plans made, so i get to have more loads next month. ^^ imagine me jumping up and down like a lil (nothing little with me) maniac. I'm glad.

and another thing: the students liked me. feedback came in today... i thought they were staring at my ass, but hey! i guess it's worth it!! =P

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Cher@Surviving Korea said...

wowq good news keep up the good work