Sunday, August 2, 2009

My first love VS his doppelganger

i'm not talking about my husband, i'm talking about JT.

There are so many reasons why i liked him so much. Aside from being cute (since nsync) with the boy-next-door appeal then shedding it all off transitioning him to a man; a very VERY (redundant?) gorgeous man.

Talent wise, i love the sound of his voice. He has this high-pitched tone that disappears when he speaks. He sounds different while singing, and when JUST talking. And the man can dance! THAT was highlighted when he made his solo album. When he starts groovin he oozes sex appeal. Whoever was able to resist that, she's a goddess. A man this beautiful and was able to defy?

I watched his career. I watched his personal life. I was one of the million fans who started HATING Britney Spears for "spearing" this guy. I cried when i found out he started dating Cameron Diaz. I was equally shocked when he went out with Alyssa Milano, and definitely DEFINITELY broken hearted when he was sighted with Jessica Biel. Why? Do the math: after Britney Spears he was into older women.

JT's single "Cry me a River" was one of my favorites. I hated "seƱorita" because of the sleazy girls. If you would want to react... i was A TEENAGER!

Moving along... this post was actually inspired by Kushibo who wrote this post weeks ago. And since i am forever enthralled by this captivating man i absolutely refused to believe anybody can get close to his level... Until this morning.

His name's Rain. Or Bi, or whatever. I have known him and his career because i was working with teachers who just loves him. I go... EEEW. No thank you.

I have seen some of his music videos. I disliked it heartily. I guess i really am biased, but that's the point of my blog: to prove me wrong all the time. Anyway, i had a lot of things to do today. Not really, i was trying to keep my hands full (hence the massive blog entries) so that i wouldn't be hyperventilating all the time. My job starts in about (counting...) less than 10 hours (it's 8 PM, my job starts at 6 AM). One of the rare moments i panic. I never used to but somehow, for a week, my nerves are out of control. Three things that relaxes me: loud music or music videos while cleaning the house, something pg 19, and another pg 19. SO i was cleaning the house and decided to open my eyes and watch their music videos. Advertisement hits, i'd turn on the radio and hope that there's at least ONE English music that played. And there was.

Sexy Back was playing. i wasn't able to download it so when it plays anywhere i am glad. I was cleaning one of the rooms in the house. Anyway, i suddenly heard this sexy beat. It's hard for me to admit a "sexy" beat, not in K-pop at least. But i told myself, i'd open my eyes and ears today, and try to listen. I liked the song. It's Korean and i liked it. There's a certain degree of my liking, and this one hit the middle part. I was starting to get curious, when the DJ mentioned that he intentionally played these two songs back to back. Sexy man JT, and Korea's very own "sexy man" Rain.

And yes i was shocked. My first thought was, OMG i'm eating my words... and a big nasty grin (thank God i was proven wrong again). Maybe Kushibo was right. I ought to watch closely. Today i start looking to bring back the things i used to love: music and dancing.

Just don't expect me to go gaga with JT's Korean doppelganger. i still don't find him cute.


Jempres said...

I'm also guilty of just listening to Rain's voice. I hate seeing him perform.
BTW, How's the job?

reijene said...

amazing. no other word. ^^

i missed working like this. and i am hoping to land the 5-hour opening soon. =)