Monday, August 3, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy

that's all me today. ^^

My classes started 6 AM, and i was there 5:45, thanks to my wonderful driver. He was home at 4 AM and he decided to stay awake so that he could drive me, and stayed for two hours strolling around just so he's there to support me. Course, driving home he was a bit cranky (sleepless, duh?) and he will need to sleep immediately as he will have to leave for work at 2 PM.

I'm just all warm and fuzzy, that's all. Men don't usually do that. My students this morning were all, "aww, really" when i said my husband's waiting.

He's a conservative man (who took PG 19 pics), does not approve of PDA (i do!), and will not even carry my bag. But when nobody's looking, when it's highly unexpected, he's there.

And to be frank... i'm quite surprised.

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