Friday, August 7, 2009

For self starters only

Deja vu.

Since monday i have been having this. I wake up with the happy butterflies on my stomach, excited with each day of work. My husband had been smoking in front of me, and i have been craving smokes. =P

Five and a half years ago, when i started working, my breakfast had always been: strong coffee and mentholated smokes. After the usual routine (bath, wardrobe, make-up), breakfast and gum comes next. Those days i was majorly hooked with something mentholated. Everyday, for five days. The smell of cigarette smoke wakes every bit of sense in me.

So yes, those days i was a chain smoker. 30 sticks a day, average. On drinking days, it'd go up to three packs. Weekends, since i have to go home to my father's house, smokes had to stop. Although Daddy knew and wouldn't mind for as long as i'm not too hooked, my mother would have gone ballistic if i reaked.


reijene's having one of those days... those "feel good" days.

When the week's work is all worth it.

Five years ago, on a day like this? I would hit a dance club with some friends, or go watch some unknown and amazing acoustic band, making my friday evenings exciting, busy and unpredictable.

Course, sometimes i prefer a new toy instead of spending the night with my friends.

And now that i am called married, i guess blogging is one of the options i have left. ^^

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