Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are Korean Men REALLY Capable of Marrying a Foreign Spouse?

Well, being in an inter-racial marriage i just put a very controversial question.

Can Korean men actually be married to a spouse that barely spoke his language, has a different culture, and different upbringing?

As i have blogged yesterday, this question popped in my head while watching some kind of documentary about two handicapped kids(?) on a date. I see that the boy is so sweet, and the girl is so meek. A Korean-Korean union seems the most sensible thing to do.

Here where i live, there are two marriages in the house: mine and my in-laws. It couldn't be any more different than North and South Korea!

I'm referring to my opinions, about the 20-hour program for Korean Men before they marry a foreigner. Okay, so i get the idea that they want to prevent more divorces, more domestic violence, more unhappy foreigners and more clueless girls who wouldn't know what to do if their husbands suddenly flipped out and decided they had enough. But what about those who are already here? Are they going to call those husbands to have the same 20-hour course?

Okay... so why am i just bugging Korean men? There are two sides of the story here!!

Hello Korean women! You're not safe.

Statistics showed that there are more women than men. I think the last proportion was 3 women to one man. But that's beside the point. The Korean men who marry foreigners are mostly the ones Korean women wouldn't even give a second look. (lucky me, my husband's cute) Either they're not good looking enough, not rich enough, not.. JUST not enough (size?). I have two classes in the morning, 13 students, and i have SIX bachelors. Two bachelorettes, an older gentleman, three economically active family men, and a girl with a boyfriend. By no means are these bachelors hideous. In fact, they're positively cute. But none of them has a girlfriend. (An adult class enjoys these things.) Ask them why. They'd tell me, too busy, or tried, but was unsuccessful.

Moving along... why won't Korean women entertain Korean men? The same complaints? That they are statues, stone cold, patriarchal, insensitive whatever blah? Or they're not rich enough, their family's not prestigious enough, that "he" is a first born son, et cetera, et cetera?

Sure there are Korean Nuptials, but have you seen the divorce rate? I secretly liked watching this TV program "Scandal" , the Korean version of "Cheaters" in US. Married women cheat their husbands. Husband cheating their wives seems like the most sensible problem, but if it's the woman who cheats... there's something wrong. Women are not genetically designed to cheat. Well, most women at least.

I have female friends, and they're not this complicated. Trust me when i say these women had more issues, a longer stick up their asses, and an even bigger bitch-modified genetics. Korean women seems... indecipherable. Am i sounding too judgmental again? Ignore me. i'm still worked up with yesterday's topic.


reijene said...

i asked one of my friends to take a look at this particular entry. she gave me something that's particularly difficult to swallow.

so i quote.

korean men are capable of marrying a foreign spouse as they are capable of erection. the real question is: how long will it take them to demand the "korean lifestyle" to their spouses.

as for the spouses, most of the time are just posers. they will deny this fact as human nature will usually cover up the ugly facts.

The Korean women? Hypocrites. They just pretend that they're all that demure.

This one coming from a friend/colleague in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

"as for the spouses, most of the time are just posers"

-- Expound on this please. What does she mean exactly ? i have something in mind, i just dont know if our brains runs on the same bandwidth :)

"The Korean women? Hypocrites"

Yeah, but at least they are pretty. :)