Friday, August 14, 2009

Marriage: Business or Pleasure?

As a kid i have been fascinated with love stories. How two souls are able to find each other even of they were from different parts of the world, or society. I used to read pocket books, Filipino version. My mother was strictly against it, so i hid every time i find something that has a good teaser. And usually, they all lived happily ever after getting married.

What is marriage anyway?

It is a union of two people.

There lies the complication around it. The word union itself is the culprit of the word.

According to the bible, marriage is sacred.

1. For appetizers: Marriage is for the comfort, pleasure, and happiness of the Creator's people. A man who finds a wife finds a good thing. She is good for him because she was created that way.

2. For your second course: Marriage is for the comfort, training, and security of children.

3. Entree: Marriage is to fulfill the sexual desires of men and women. It is honored around the world in every civilized society as an undefiled institution (oooh, yummy).

4. To clean our palettes for dessert: Marriage is to perpetuate the human race. The idea of surrogate mothers would destroy the home if carried to its logical implications.

5. And for dessert: God designed woman for man. This also means he is designed for her. Together they fit the needs of each other. Other considerations regarding marriage matches involve personalities and personal traits.

Are we full yet? I'm still hungry.. so i want to dig a bit further.

For the dessert part, it involves dating. How two people are trying to "wear" each other and find out if they fit. I used to be a sucker for love stories, i might as well use that part of me.

Ah, love. The amost common reason why there aare married people. From whirlwind romances, to steady for years, the typical two-year steady period before popping the question... Opposites attract, birds of the same feather, astrology-related, blah blah blah.

To the point: Why do people get married?

Simplest answer: Security reasons. Everybody wants to wake up when they're old and they'd have a companion. For women it's a matter of emotional strings. The "i cannot live without you" drama. I don't know why men choose to get married. Do they want kids? Do they want security the way women do. If you know a guy who can talk about this freely buzz buzz.

Now the juicy part: How can anybody decide to get married?

OOOOOPS. The topic is too big. My pea-sized brain can only handle so much when inspiration's not really kicking in. But i know what points i'd like to cover.

1. Actual (bf/gf) proposal

2. Arranged Marriage

3. Matchmaking

4. Contractual Business

5. Mutual decision

6. Society Pressure vs Parental Pressure vs Career Pressure

Each one has its distinctive differences. If you know where you're labeled you know what to do. Meanwhile i'll be waiting for another stroke of inspiration to do PART 2.

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arvinsign said...

"What is marriage anyway?"

-- Marriage is a proposition and act of selfishness committed by members of the same species, hiding under the cloak of what is perceived as good, moral and just, done through an aged old pagan tradition, at the pretense of each others religious and mystical beliefs mixed with hypocrisy and stupidity to satisfy each others animal instincts
- arvinsign (2009)

"According to the bible, marriage is sacred"

-- Then that makes the argument illogical.

"She is good for him because she was created that way."

-- Unfair. This explains why most civilizations are patriarchal in nature

"Opposites attract, birds of the same feather, astrology-related,"

-- People who still clings to ideas like those above are no better (mental) than pre homo-hominids

"Why do people get married? Simplest answer: Security reasons. "

-- Perfect