Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sound effects sold separately

*tap, tap, tap* herm herm!!
Joy to the world
the teacher's dead
we bar-be-cued her head!

what happened to her body?
we flushed it down the potty
and round and round it goes
and round and round it goes...

an excerpt from The Simpson's very own "Nelson"

I like Nelson in the cartoons the Simpson's. He's a misunderstood kid who likes to pretend he's a very tough guy, but on the inside he's a real softie. There's one episode that proved that he's not just a bully.

I'm inspired by Nelson's song today because he is the kind of student i have wanted all my life. I told A a couple days ago that helping women and kids is what i really wanted to do(there's a title, you don't have to know). As a kid, there were clubs in school, and while everybody i knew swarmed to be at the "coolest" clubs, i joined a charity helper's club. There were ONLY 15 members and clubs were open to all levels. However, it's the club i liked the most. During High School i joined the same club, only mixed with a religion (i can sense A's objections rising). To make the long story short, i do want to help kids. I forgot about it when i started focusing on having fun and detaching myself from the geeky stuff. I forgot when i got married and had kids. I forgot and it's my fault. So now, I'm gonna have to fix my schedule so i could take my kids too, it'd be fun. A was kind enough to give me a charity org to start with. Just don't expect me to call immediately, alright? I am fixing what needs to be fixed FIRST.

*I'd tell you who A is, but he warned me that if i reveal him, he'd take DNA from me using the tip of his fingernails.*

There's one lesson that my Daddy taught me: help those in need. The rare moments that i shared with my Dad almost everything's stayed stuck. When my mother used to travel and take my two brothers (never me) on her business trip, i usually end up in Daddy's office. We'd take a bus, and a jeepney (way back then we didn't have a car, i was 6) and walk on a very busy pedestrian lane. His office was in Sta. Mesa (PLDT), and there's a place that we passed full of less fortunate people. Daddy's pockets are usually filled with coins. That day he took me to his office i understood why. =) He gave those coins to old women and children, but not the men. Everytime i go out with him, just him, it's a ritual, no matter where he goes. I don't see him do that when he's with my mother, though. No words. Just a role that he played. When i started working, i tried doing the same thing. I kinda get that i have to give back even a bit of what i received.

After leaving my father's house, after moving to Korea, not having a job made me stop. I cannot give if i have nothing to offer, right? And after the month of August, i know i can.

I have a job ^^.. part time but it's still something.

And it's definitely time to give back.


Cher@Surviving Korea said...

how's work?

reijene said...

not yet... =) i start monday morning.