Wednesday, July 15, 2009

aww.. poor kiwi!

this entry is inspired by strange fruit, the blog of one of the two greatest DJ's in the Philippines: Chico Garcia.

A video featured in his blog entitled kiwi.

It's quite heartbreaking, in a way that can be related to a lot of people.
Sometimes we focus on the ONE thing that fate has deprived us of, and we spend all our lives chasing after that ONE unattainable goal, even if it leads to our eventual ruin.
Including me.
So we gloss over whatever blessing, whatever gift, whatever good fortune that was bestowed on us and focus on that which was, at least in our limited understanding, withheld. Sometimes we chase after love, or success, or wealth, or fame, or recognition, or approval, or lost youth, or whatever pipe dream we chase after that’s always just a few steps ahead, conveniently out of our reach. And when the unattainable remains unattained, we’re willing to risk anything, whatever the cost, just to reach our goal,

My goal, my dream, my purpose...

and i still remember everything from the day they were conceived. =)


Cher@Surviving Korea said...

cutie babies

Anonymous said...

yeah, cute babies (echo) :)

betchay said...

wow lumantad na ang arvin... hehehe

i think it might be because we live in a country where opportunities or room for growth is limited... and considering that we could probably be doing better in terms of career or financials if we were back home or in another country... then we hear stories of people we know who are attaining their career goals and then we compare ourselves to them... because like you said we sometimes focus only on the things that we don't have... sabi nga ni santino, bilangin natin ang mga bagay na meron tayo... there are things more precious than money or career... and if i have to live my life again, i wouldn't change a thing... except that i'd take up education instead of accountancy... LOL

your babies are cute... walang bola ;)

reijene said...

thanks, guys. ^^ but all babies are cute. cher's baby and betchay's baby are as adorable. ^^

Anonymous said...

@ Betchay

pero secret pa din yan :) d2 lang me may link s profile :)

Hmm ako lang walang baby d2 ah. Haay