Friday, July 17, 2009

A Brian-Inspired Post

This entry from Brian was stuck on my head. I found it disturbing.

To summarize, his entry was about a bear-cub being "trained" to face something, and all for the fun of the viewers. The caretaker of that particular cub annoyed me the most because she's torturing the animal. Now, i may not be an animal lover, but i sure am not cruel to them. I just ignore, or get out of its way. IF it doesn't need help, then we leave it alone,. If it's almost dying, injured or whatever, there's always some gloves (i hate touching animals).

Two days ago, my husband's cousin's wife gave birth to a baby girl. There was so much muss and fuss from our side, because F-i-L said we have to go see (or give graces) to the little girl. Oh, sure!

Before i rant on what happened today, i will tell you one thing: i kinda dislike the kid's mother. Why?

Cousin's wife is older than cousin. She looks mid-30's, while cousin is just late 20's. A lot of issues were raised when they asked permission to get married. SHE'S OLDER. Husband is the first born male of the first born patriarch (F-i-L). His opinions matter. I told husband age is not a factor (since we have a 10-year gap), what matters is that they're decided. I convinced the man it's not an issue.

Fast Forward to: M-i-L's 60th birthday. As all Koreans do, it's important to celebrate their 60th turn. Something related to history, like it's lucky to be alive at 60. So there we were, celebrating in another raw fish restaurant (eeew) with the entire clan. Cousin and his wife were there, so was my brother-in-law and his wife. Among these women, i hold the highest respect. Not by choice, i'm telling you, but by tradition. Both of them are older than me by a considerable gap. However, i do not care. Some of my friends are older than my husband, some of my ex-staffs were older than M-i-L herself! Heck, age is never an issue to me.

As part of what i should be doing, i have to at least mingle with these women. My kids are older, and we will see each other during holidays, whether i like it or not. So i went to join them. With the news that cousin's wife is having a baby, i thought i should congratulate her. To be polite, and to acknowledge the fact that the clan's growing. The two women were sitting on the same table, and when i obviously joined their table, somehow they decided to ignore me.

... okay...

Then, after the celebration, we were all getting ready to leave when i noticed cousin's wife was looking at me like i'm a bug. WTF?! Like i was disgusting or something. Keep in mind, women in families don't really have any roles, except for the wives of the first borns. eeew. if she wants my responsibilities, then be my effing guest. she obviously has no idea on how MY JOB works.

Then i'd have to go see her and her kid to pay some respect? She didn't do her part, why should i go? She looked at me like a bug, maybe she was thinking, i'm just a gold digger because i came from another country, is waay younger than her (and everybody else, for that matter), and should be ignored.

Course there's a possibility that she's also an idiot who can't speak english like my brother-in-law's wife.

I suddenly thought of Brian's post. Putting two species in one cage is not just done in zoos here. On Saturday, i will be put in the lion's cage, although i'm the monkey. Husband knows what this little crapper did, and told my son before he and his grandmother paid a visit: Hit the damn baby (in Korean).

Wouldn't you know it? My son answered: 네!


Cher@Surviving Korea said...

i like this post a lot...i have no problem with my mother-in-law's side(my hubby parents are divorced) but i really hate my father-in-law's side....

SI PI EY on Board said...

hahaha! wawa naman ung baby, sya napagdiskitahan. I like your style in writing, so true!