Friday, July 10, 2009

Writing Comes with a Stroke of Inspiration.

... and i guess it's not really happening today. I am sooo bored. So as a result, i am compiling a dizzying array of thoughts from random days...

Our newest addition to our family: a dachshund mixed mongrel (Any). Haven't i mentioned that i'm an animal hater? i HATE animals... and the animals just keep on coming, and coming *sigh*

Last Sunday, M-i-L exchanged our white Jindo dog for a puppy. 창아 was the dog who greeted me when i came here in Korea. I hated dogs then, i hated dogs till now, but being there for three years and then suddenly gone is quite painful. I actually cried. One of the rare moments i actually shed tears (LOL).

Miming is not eating cat food. Because she prefers rice. I don't know how, i don't know why. One day after we have decided to keep him, we hadn't gotten around of buying cat food. The old woman who lives next door gave us half a bucket of scorched (rather burned) rice to give as dog food (the next dog owner is 7 houses away). My first thought was throw it immediately because dogs don't eat rice (not ours, anyway). M-i-L gave the dog rice and Miming chased after it. So, this little furball's diet is: fish entrails (i am a fish eater... not meat) meaning guts and gills not bones, and rice. course we have to cook it for a couple minutes... and he is now quite fat. ^^

NB slandered me on his blog... although thanks to him i had a great idea. ^^ he's an idiot. I just don't get how NB's so mad at Filipinos. Maybe he went to Angeles City (the only place he knew) and the prostitutes there leeched all his money (LMAO). My friends and i actually have a great time slandering him with disgusting speculations while we talk. Dumb Blonde Samuel is his worshipper. Looks to me like faggot worship ^^. And yes, they will be both slandered on my blog whenever i feel like it. After all, i'm a girl! I can bitch out anytime i want. Men, if they keep on doing that, they're gay. ^^

We're expecting a job interview from Ireland. They called yesterday, e-mailed me because there wasn't any response, and will call again. ^^ I mentioned couple blogs ago that i do not believe in articulate Irishes. I was just proven wrong as call centers (rather contact centres) are now popping up like mushrooms on the job sites i'm using... some of it located in Northern Ireland.

And lastly, i'm trying to build a website. Still groping in the dark because i'm an idiot, but i'm going to try anyway. ^^

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