Saturday, June 27, 2009

Had enough?

oh, that's not my boobs. it's pinkish, see? caucasian's. i'm guessing it's NB's mother's while breastfeeding him.

He ate those larvaes as a kid and those disgusting things wriggled their way up to NB's brain...

NB= Nightmare Believer
NB= No Balls
NB= No brains... already devoured by those horrible worms while he was raised in what he claims as his upper-middle class past.

Keep missing me. I know you just LOVE having me around.


Anonymous said...

that's photoshopped :)

anyway, would you like to guest on a radio program? it's a current affairs show...

reijene said...

it's not =P

that's actually from an article about a woman who forgot to wash her newly-purchased bra (heehee!) i just have to slander NB.

i'd love to, but i'm guessing the radio station would be in seoul. it'd be kinda hard for me (us, actually) to just go.

Cher@Surviving Korea said...

i hope you don't mind me adding your link in my blog roll, have a nice day