Monday, June 22, 2009

미밍 (Miming) has a home!

And this decision came out not rather unanimous as;
1. it's a cat, it sheds quite a lot of fur.
2. it's a cat, and nobody knows anything about it. and;
3. IT'S A CAT!!!

Not to mention the possibilities of allergies and the hidden diseases he has because he was a stray barely a week ago, and we still cannot give it a bath as his little paw is not yet healed. But then again, we dicided to keep him. There were six people who will decided if Miming's going to stay, or will he be thrown out after his paw gets better: Mother and Father-in-Law, husband, me, Isaac (my son) and Yzbel (my daughter).

Two kids said: keep!
husband said: throw
father-in-law said: throw (very dirty creature!)
i say: i don't know
mother-in-law said: why not...

So i guess we'll be buying Cat Food after all.. =) three people voted for him to stay.

미밍 (Miming) has a home!

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