Saturday, June 20, 2009

Momma and the Cat Update

The cat already has a name: Miming (미밍). She's quite fond of me. I don't get why me, but my kids love it when she limps towards me and tries to get me to stroke her, which i do while wearing gloves. If not she wouldn't shut up.

So three questions:

1. How am i to get rid of this cat after it gets better without risking my son's heart breaking?

2. What am i supposed to do with this little furball? and;

3. What on earth do these creatures eat? i will not risk buying cat food as it's a stray and will not stay long, so we feed it dog food instead (we have a dog, and is chained forever).


Jelly said...


I'm glad you rescued that injured kitten, but I hope you don't just turn it back out onto the street. You can visit the Animal Rescue Site:
to get the kitten adopted, or I hope you'll bring it to a vet's office where it can get proper care. I'm not sure where you are, but there's a very compassionate vet in Kangnam

Address: 35-3 samsungdong, Gangnamgu.
Phone : 3443-8275
Subway: gangnamgu office, line 7

or there are more listed here:

Cats cannot eat dog food. The kitten will end up being malnourished. Also, most cats are lactose intolerant. Water is the best drink for them. I hope you don't get angry at the kitten if ends up with the runs.

I really hope you can go just one step further to try to ensure that kitten has a chance at a happy life. If you contact the animal rescue site I'm sure someone will have some good ideas at how to proceed. Good luck!

nb said...

Will you stroke me wearing gloves? As you clean my house? You put on gloves to touch the cat? But how many white and Korean cocks have you stroked and sucked and fucked without gloves, LBFM?

reijene said...

Ugh, back again NB? You missed me and my blog?

I had sex with numerous men, proud of it, no numbers, but just ONE KOREAN, and mostly half-bloods. NEVER with garbage spitting Sasquatch like you. Eew.

You're disgusting. But i'll keep you here, it's so much fun.

reijene said...

Hi Jelly!

We already decided to keep the cat. =) i still don't want cats, but i'm trying to learn how to like this little furball.

After all, he's (it's a he.. i've looked it up online) starting to get better, and loves playing with my kids. My little darlings adore him, and makes them happy... that's all i'm after.

reijene said...

and Jelly...

thanks for the advice. he's off milk starting tomorrow. =)