Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Momma and the Cat

If you know me at all then you are aware that i HATE animals.

I hate ALL bugs but two: butterflies and ants.

I only like one animal and it's an impossible pet: dolphins.

I'm afraid of dogs. As a kid i was bitten by a huge dog. I think it's safe to say I'm phobic. The sound of a barking dog can send me to tears.

I'm afraid of frogs and their kind. When i was 13 i had a dream of an aquarium. A HUGE aquarium with three animals inside; a praying mantis, a lizard and a frog. Somehow, i was watching the three animals and i saw the praying mantis catch and eat the lizard. Halfway through the lizard screamed, "help! help me!"(in Filipino language, Tagalog). After that, i woke up shaking, scared and crying. Three years to get over my fear of lizards (today, still shaky with the thought, nonetheless okay), and still working on my fear of frogs.

I specially HATE cats. I don't like their claws, don;t like their tails. i just hate cats. They're not cute, nowhere near. I don't understand cat-lovers but i don't care. I don't want cats near my kids because they might give my darlings asthma. I cannot explain. It's irrational, but nobody's bothered by it so it's irrelevant.

But it's a weird day today. Earlier posts, i keep on mentioning that i do not go out. Not even the front gate once a day. However, my husband went out by the car, and it took him three minutes. He doesn't smoke by the car, he usually smokes on the roof, or by the stairs, NEVER beside the car. SO i thought he went to buy more smokes. I went out to close the gate, looked left and right, and i saw my husband stooping. He was pointing something underneath the car.

"What's up?"

And there it was, a kitten. It was injured. One of her paws is broken, and she's got this half-healed wound under her ear. It was heart-breaking. The little furball went as far as she could out of my husband's reach, but when i kneeled and stretched my arms to her, she limped towards me.

Husband, the ultimate apathetic turd, immediately said not to, that I can't take it inside the house. Well, i may be a stuck-up bitch, but if something needs help, we should. And that cat certainly does. So if he doesn't want the cat inside, i will ask M-i-L. Husband HAS no choice. Not to mention my son kept on yelling that there's a cat. =) he was excited to see an animal on the premises.

We already fixed her. We (husband and i) put a little cast-like for her broken paw, and disinfected her wound. At first we (M-i-L and i) put her on a box, but she kept on jumping to get out. So we let her choose her spot (she picked under the stairs), put in a place to sleep, gave her food and milk. Right now she's sleeping.

I told my son, and will tell my daughter, and i will make sure that they will remember: when something needs help, it's our responsibility to help. That is one very valuable lesson my kids need to learn. After all, my Dad taught me the same.

Help those in need.

Although, I'm not sure if i will keep the cat. I still hate cats, you know. But my son... if you would have seen the look on his face while he stroked this dirty stray... My daughter's scared of the furball, but kept on looking anyway (heehee!)... My son, Isaac already told us (husband and i), that we should not throw away the cat, and that he wants to wake up tomorrow and SEE the cat (his father's already planning on how to get rid of this little cat). He's a demanding little shrew, like his momma, and he made sure that his father knows that he wanted the cat.

We'll see!

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