Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And Here Goes my Prejudice Again...

Woot! Job market is open. The entire country is searching for ESL teachers... about 5,000 of them. Salary ranges from 2.2 mil to 3 mil Won. Plus airfare, housing, 50% insurance, allowance, severance pay, paid vacation, the works. That is one helluva job! working for an average of 30 hours a week, if you call babysitting in English to kids who can't even understand about three quarters of what you say, a JOB.

Oh, there's a catch. They're looking for Native Speakers (yet again). Those white-skinned people (because the blacks get discriminated) with a degree, from US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and... could it be... IRELAND??? The people holding the WORST accent when it comes to speaking english? The people we can't understand A THING when they try and start up a conversation? Really? is there such a thing as an articulate Irish? And these employers would prefer them from Educated Speakers... sad reality for me.

So now i'm being biased.. maybe there is such a thing as an articulate Irish. I'll try and meet them as soon as they land here. Just to prove me wrong.

Yesterday i had lunch with the mother of my last student. Sort of "thank you" for enduring her kids for about four months. She told me that i can get a job, it's hiring season. The elementary schools are searching for highly competent teachers. "Jenny" was the name she mentioned, and the woman was teaching Elementary school kids. And since my Korean was not very fluent, i smiled politely, and told her that i am working on getting a job through the net. That's not a lie. I spent three weeks sitting in front of my computer trying to fish. Sadly, i can't even get close to bait. Because i'm not a Native Speaker. It stops when you click the "other" button when it asks of which country. S*N OF A B*TCH!!!

But i haven't stopped yet. I am still trying. Pointless, but there's no harm in doing it. My husband is 34 years old, and the Korean Government is not hiring anybody at their 30's. Since husband's school in the Philippines went bankrupt, we have to find ways onto earning money. After all, we have two kids.

No, i am not giving up. I am at my best when i am working, and my job for about 9 years (since i was 16) was in school, and marketing. I prefer teaching. It's more challenging to challenge brains of people who are desperate to learn this language, even if they're damn lazy.

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