Friday, April 10, 2009

Ouch! Denied, yet again.

How lame is it that i am now blogging to just relieve me of this exploding emotion? I was rejected. By a recruiting agency because the first reason was: i was not qualified to apply for an E2 visa. WTF?!?! In my application letter, i specified that i'm an f2 visa holder.
Unfortunately, there are qualifications for an E2 visa. Applicants are required to be native speakers. Hope you understand this procedure. I wish you success in your future endeavors.
So, as pathetic as it may sound, i sent a message again. I know it sounded a bit bitchy, but what can i do. It touched a nerve. It also looks pathetic now from my point of view, almost desperate. But in reality, i am. I want to work. I have always worked, and before marrying this man i now call husband, we agreed that he'd be my house husband. because i have the urge to work. Moving along...
Hi, Ms Becky. I think you missed. I'm already in Korea as an f2 visa holder. Does this mean i won't be able to place any job because as stated: Native Speakers? I am not a Native Speaker, rather an educated one, having English as my first language and i went to schools where the curriculum was strictly imposed in English. I also have been teaching the language in the Philippines to South Koreans, my students ranging from middle school kids to businessmen and professionals. I was a trainer to new teachers who will teach the language to South Koreans. I think i will be good for the job.
That said, thank you for your time.

Well, i really was all that. i trained teachers, men and women older than i am. My students were older than i was (19), and i really insulted about 85% of them. BECAUSE i was too young, and i was very good at what i'm doing, and i turned out to be one of the most challenging teachers.

You think you can find who i am among the group? those were my colleagues and friends.

And the recruiter responded with this:
Of course, you are able to find a job and work in Korea, but we only deal with a native speaker from US, UK, New Zealand,Ireland, Austrailia, Canada and South Africa.
So there. And here i am sulking, and digesting the fact that i can't get a job. Because they want three things that i cannot provide: white skin (native speakers), nationality (Filipino), and a degree. Without those three, what i have achieved is useless.


Cher@Surviving Korea said...

just apply directly to hagwons and they will be willing to accept you.....been there and done that..i shar ethe same sentimenst you have.

Jempres said...

Seated front row in black, with cute shoes? ㅋㅋㅋ
Anyways, I agree with cheryle, apply to the hagwons directly, fxxk the recruiters.

reijene said...

we're all wearing black (or something black =P)!

Jempres said...

Hehe. . but you're the one with the cute shoes! Second from the left. . ^.^

reijene said...

na-uh! (^__^) her name's Christy. She was one of the Filipino managers.

Jempres said...

well i tried and i lost.. haha
anyways, sorry been busy the last week.. Take care.. ^.^

reijene said...

=) i am the one in strappy shoes. during those days, i pride myself with the fact that students have to be under me at their own risk.

and one of the highest paid.

and i have given up looking for a job in hagwons.