Friday, April 10, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

and this is the first time I'll dare to do it.

1. I only like wearing dark colors. If you see me on a pink shirt, it means i was paid to do so.

2. I hate all animals. I hate bugs, and i have a phobia with frogs. You want to murder me send me a box full of croaking slime-covered green frogs.

3. I'm a disowned daughter, and i don't know where my parents are living, although i am sure that somewhere they are trying to deny and cover it up, and never admit that i eloped.

4. I despise Caucasians. Even before i started my prejudice with Native speakers, i despised their race. I have met a few good guys, but i still don't like them in general.

5. If asked what my favorite food is, i usually answer junk food, because nobody would believe that i LOOVE vegetables and fish but not seafood. However, i do not eat onions.

6. After getting married, i had more haircuts than i remember.

7. I'm planning to have a tattoo... at my back. I plan it to be a dragon that will peek a little on my nape.

8. My husband's a jerk.. and i LOVE him for that. He's perfect, simply because I'm too much of a bitch to be handled by a wimp.

9. I'm hyper, but i now have something to keep my hands full. My kids are the little and super-hyped versions of me. I am POSITIVE that NO ONE in this world would be able to babysit them, not even their father.

10. I like word games.

11. I refuse to lie. If i were in trouble, and lying is the only way to get off the hook, I'd rather go to jail.

12. I'm an extremely jealous person, and i don't share the people i love. I even threatened my husband that if he touches another woman, the last thing that bitch will see is her blood squirting off her neck. And husband knows i am capable of doing so.

13. I only have three male friends left. My husband is also as extreme as i am. =P

14. I don't wear sneakers, even with two little maniacs running in the mall, i wear my 5-inch heels.

15. I can cook. I learned from my mother, but somehow, my husband doesn't like my cooking. My kids do, my mother-in-law does, some friends that i cooked for did, but not this man i share my life with.

16. I miss "balot". The only Filipino dish i am not intimate with the process.

17. I am a thinking Catholic. Don't ask me about religion, because i know (and learned!) stuff about it that can raise controversy. But i don't pray much. I have faith, but i prefer to stay quiet.

18. I want to learn how to drive, because i don't like public transportation. Four years in Korea, and i only rode the taxi three times, the bus 8 times, three of them on my own, and the train (not subway) once. Husband prefers to drive me anywhere.

19. I now secretly like the color green, but i wouldn't be caught dead wearing, nor sporting any outfit or accessory with it.

20. After my second baby, i only drink cold milk coffee. i tried drinking hot coffee, i ended up putting ice on it.

21. I got my glasses when i was 16, i became aware that my vision was bad when i was 13, and had my vision blurred since i was 8. Having glasses made me appreciate everything i see.

22. I only admired two women my whole life, and none of them is my mother.

23. I also despise only two people in my life, and i have been scheming on how to expose and humiliate them publicly.

24. i can't sleep without my furry square-shaped pillow.

25. I currently have no reason to come back to my motherland.

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