Friday, April 17, 2009

Filipino Basher

An idiot KIWI here thought she's smarter than an entire country.

And i will face the fact that i am like her. But she's not all that. As a native speaker, she should have at least a decent way of writing.... NOT! Her grammar stinks (if you're a teacher, you'd find the spot immediately), assuming that she's a KIWI, her accent should be (dare I use the word?) *toot*.

Let me clarify something: the Philippines, much as this idiot woman claims difficult to understand with regards to our spoken English, has a load of dialects that have some stiff accents, even for our standards. And then maybe, she should just quit her job. 250 call centers in the Philippines will drive her crazy. I say, i'm all for it!!

WOOT! Philippine job market is happy. One very smart, and very lucky person can steal her current position. And i will pray for that to happen very soon.


John from Daejeon said...

Did you read the comments left on the website? They are pretty one-sided against her rant and racist leanings. Some even called her out and stated that her real problem was with the American version of English being used instead of the Queen's tongue when it should be directed at the company providing the faulty service.

If you ask me, I think that her paper scraped the bottom of the barrel when they hired her to write their gossip blog, so I wouldn't actually label her a writer per se.

reijene said...

i'm giggling... can that suffice as my response?

i can't call her a writer... she's an idiot!