Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bitching out on Entertainment...

And the Drama Queen has remembered she has something to bitch on about.

First thing's first... this momma's not very fond of the Korean Entertainment business. The men look like women, and the women mostly have masculine facial patterns. I have a favorite Korean Comedian, and i do not know his name. He's very famous, according to my husband. I also have a favorite Korean actress/ comedienne, and i also don't know her name. I watch them because they have interesting and effortless talents to entice viewers. But that's just how far i went. I don't need to know their names. I like them, that's all there is to it.

Again... not very fond of Korean Entertainment business. They have this cheesy boy bands trying to sound oh-so charming (blech!), flirting on their music videos which obviously was copied from some other foreign artists, and makes them look like little boys trying sooo hard. The same goes for their girl group bands trying to sing without ANY power, just rhythm on the beat, trying to dress cute to look innocent, or something. Some try to dress "sexy" and yet don't have curves... only the fact that they're women with very small boobs and wrong shaped ass, with flat stomachs (which is okay). And their dancing! OMGG!! Is it me, or these wanna-be dancers just look like sticks moving left and right flapping their thin arms and trying to stick their little asses to look like it's seductive or something? Hasn't anybody in this pathetic business even heard of talents without the "cutsie" stuff that most Korean find enchanting? Can anybody actually dance in this place??? The back-up dancers on TV, they're not cute, but they're not after fame so no biggie. They can flail all they want. The singers, boybands and girlbands, why are they dancing? They can't dance, even their choreography suck so bad, even a little boy (not girl) can imitate it. There isn't any grace coming out of the girls, the boys are simply too tall and gangly to dance. And yet, Korean fans are screaming for their performance. These "artists" simply has to stop because they have nothing to offer, or at least not to my standards because even i find Jeniffer Lopez very stiff when she dances.
But i would prefer J.Lo than to these girls singing "허니, 허니" something, or the Wondergirls (somebody shoot me!), or the other girl pop groups dancing (thrashing sticks).

Moving along... Being this intolerable, being cynical and sarcastic, i know it's my fault that i was able to listen and view these crappers. The music stuff, my husband and i have very different tastes when it comes to that. Do the math... why have i encountered these intolerable music...

But there's more. There's this dead starlet (not even a star heehee) who killed herself because she's an idiot. And no, i have no sympathies for imbeciles who kill themselves no matter how tough they claim their paths to be. Her name was Jang Ja-Yeon. I'd type it in Korean but that would be stupid because i can't. I just have to rave this one through. She killed herself because apparently, she can't handle the pressure she was being subjected through be her agency, making her serve drinks (so?) or have sex with some big shots. That's the point... it was not rape. It was an order given to her in which she (obviously) agreed, lest she wouldn't be doing it. So the thing is... why didn't she just quit? wouldn't it be easier to just quit? think about it, she already made some money out of it, so she can pay for a shrink to recover from her trauma (if you can all that trauma). She was just greedy for a publicity that she obviously cannot achieve (not anymore, that is), or she was just impatient to reach her super stardom. Gimme a break! The entertainment industry all over the world has the same pattern! And can you blame these old and fat producers for taking advantage? This business has a lot of beautiful people, desperate and willing to do ANYTHING to have a break. Human nature will dictate that if one's willing to give all, the receiving party will make sure to take all, or more. So i guess she's just an idiot. To make the police dig into her mess, it's pointless. But on her part, more publicity. She had killed herself, she turned even more famous. Such a trite idea.

There, that's better. =)

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