Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hurray! reijene's reeling in!!

~oh happy day!!

i slept fitfully last Sunday, at around past 3 AM.. having the same thoughts, the same worries, the same crappy burden, plus marital problems, mood swings, tantrums equals a disaster of a day. I usually hate weekends, as it highlights boredom; grandparents take my kids, and husband sleeps the whole day or play computer games ignoring my existence except when he gets hungry... never mind. Let's proceed....

I hunt. Even though i mentioned that i already gave up looking for hagwon jobs, i still hunt. I hunt relentlessly, because i hunt for two people (husband and me). As the job market is always open internationally, being aggressive is the only way to find anything.

I usually wake up around 10 or 10:30. Since i slept rather badly, i was thinking of staying in bed until 11. My M-i-L will watch the kids for an hour or two, as my little pumpkin wakes at 9, and my little mushroom at 10. Monday morning brought the same stuff... my son asking permission to watch cartoons, my daughter bugging his brother to play, except one: my cellphone ringing @ 10.

My cellphone only has about 10 or 15 people. Husband, M-i-L, F-i-L, i have two friends in Korea, my last two students and their house number, my husband's female friend who i snap at and humiliate since she can't speak English everytime she calls (jealous wife), one of my old students (about 5 years ago), idiots who calls for my husband and husband doesn't want to talk to, namely bitch, bad, freak, do not answer; and husband's best friend's Vietnamese wife.

and not making sense here, just rambling.

my phone ringing is weird, since nobody really calls it. and the number started (02), probably seoul, i thought. nonetheless, i psyched myself to humiliate whoever calls and looks for my husband, or a telemarketer.

"allor." ---------> that's how i really answer the phone. it scares telemarketers.

"oh, hello. I'm calling for Kristel (that's my name)."


"i am from Pagoda Outsourcing and i understand that you applied for our summer camp positions?" BLAH, BLAH BLAH... ph..pho.. PHONE INTERVIEW?!?!?!?!

=) and there you have it... i am supposed to go to Seoul this week, for an actual interview..

only... my M-i-L is a little apprehensive about it, as she said (with a good point too), that the Internet is a source of about a million scams, and Korea's not excluded. So she redialed the number that called me, and the woman who answered the phone was an idiot, or she didn't know, and mother-in-law was affirmed that it was a scam alright!! =(

I didn't think so, this time, i gave the contact number from the online information posted. She called, and this time, a guy answered, which doubled her suspicions that it was really a scam.

6 hours later, after a seminar conducted for interracial marriage (in Korean so help me God!), M-i-L's swimming session, somehow, she was convinced as i was that it was REAL. She made a few more phone calls while we were away, and re-scheduled my interview!! We go to Seoul next week... =)

... it's just a summer camp. but it's better than nothing, yes?


nb said...

So, basically you are a philipeno contract marriage whore for a stupid kkkorean man has no business sense....and you think white guys in Korea are the same as the guys in your Angeles City neighboorhood. Great. Enjoy you KKKorean dream.hhahahahahaahhaa. Stupid little brown fuck machine (LBFM).

reijene said...

excuse me? are you some kind of an idiot and you can't even spell "Filipino" to bash properly?

contract marriage whore... i guess that's what they call us nowadays, us teachers who married our students... oh, wait. that's just me! we've been together 4 years asshole!

Korean man who has no business sense, so i guess the economic crisis was NEVER an issue. Oh, have you met my husband? I am sure he is smarter than you, but you wouldn't know. As you're an idiot who judged something I DON'T THINK you understand.

Angeles City? I've never been to that place, but it has a reputation. You're a jackass, yes?

Oh, and i'm half chinese. find where they usually flock together in the Philippines.

keister said...

YES NB.. Are YOu Some KInd A PErvert??? ooopss soorry...

philipeno--- (FUNNY huh???)

It makes You AN Idiot!! Thanks for making my day FUNNY huh...

By the WAY Its F-I-L-I-P-I-N-0


Let Me spell it