Thursday, May 14, 2009

I need Cheese with this Whine!

Because it's late, I'm exhausted and exasperated, i guess it's time for me to whine yet again.

Well, I'm still job hunting, and i won't even get close to a bait. Often times i just want to yell and bitch slap some facts that Koreans are ignoring while they continuously recruit people from abroad.

I am against the continuous hiring of the so-called Native Speakers. The ones already in Korea are fine, but to convince people from the western hemisphere that Korea's going to pay them a good sum of money plus more benefits when there are people here who can do the same job being denied... and yes, I'm talking about me... 5000 JOBS all across the country and i can't even fish one.

My last job was in Chonnam National University. It was a charity case, the students from one of the laboratories who were preparing for an abroad trip asked me that as a favor. I only needed them to pay for my transpo.. basically they paid for the gas in our car so i could teach them 3 times a week for a year. And that was three years ago. The next couple students i had were all private coaching. I was worried those days because i always thought of my son and (last year) my daughter. Who would watch them? And because the country's economic status three years ago was better than the present, current finance is a problem.

First quarter this year we declared bankruptcy. Last year, when my daughter was born, my husband decided to go against all odds and established a language school in the Philippines. He used the same concept as the old school i used to work at; school and dorm package. But as my porn is the stock market, i have seen the "then" fore-coming crisis, and as my husband is a very stubborn man who wouldn't listen to me, he went full steam ahead. No market, no students. No students, no money. No money, borrow money for maintenance. No students, no way to pay for the bills, and the borrowed money. It's a disaster, last year. I'd like to help but i can't... the only weak point my husband has: marketing and marketing strategies.

So yes, i need a job. If you ask why my husband isn't looking for a job and why the pressure is on my shoulder, there's a simple answer: he can't get hired here. He's 34 years old, his age is the shittiest factor i have ever encountered. He's got a PH D, in Industrial Engineering. He studied the jack-of-all-trades.. which is pointless as he's unemployable. He doesn't mind though, he's a businessman at heart. He had never seen his parents do anything other than run their own business... I also don't want him to look for a job either... as we specifically agreed that he IS my house husband. But in times like this, i swallowed my pride and we're both hunting for jobs... him at the international job market, me in Korea.

But Korea's not kind... at least not to my specie. They want NS... the fresher the better. The economically active group of people cannot get hired, the people with the same abilities but different countries cannot get hired, Is Korea desperately trying to be a country full of diversity that it has forgotten the people already inside?

I'm tired, and sleepy... and a couple more minutes I'd get cranky. But i need to hunt... and hunt some more, and hope that one of the companies would break from the pact and take a chance. But that's just me... my wishful thinking. I need a job...


kushibo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. We're all being hit hard by this financial crisis (my income from Korean sources is supposed to pay my bills in Hawaii, but the exchange rate has made that extremely difficult), but it's clear some of us are hit harder than others.

Korea needs to apply better standards, including perhaps a teaching skills test that non-NS people like yourself who have the skills can prove it. That and being drug-free should get you decent work, if I were running things.

Good luck.

reijene said...

thanks for the sympathy, kushibo. (^_^)