Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Blogger

What is a blog? Twenty years ago, there was no such word. Ten years ago, the program "weblog" was invented, and was recognized as a technical term in the computer and Internet world that in five years, like every other online engines, or networking sites, it became famous.

The word blog, if explored, meant an online journal. No matter how many definitions it can come up with, it's just that. A diary free for everybody to read. Wow, 30 years ago, a diary is something so discreet, even if the writer wrote some amazing play of words, no one could ever find out. I am not instigating that people cannot keep a secret anymore, but i have read some amazingly ridiculous entries, including some from famous people, and i must say... maybe writing with an old fashioned pen and a notebook with a lock has really phased out. Or maybe we leave those to teenagers... (?)

Moving along, the modern day (say, a year to three years) blogger. No matter how simple the definition of the word "blog" is, its use has evolved into something else. It's not just a diary anymore, it's a page with interesting things to read. From comics to comedians, from an observing eye to the rantings of a madman (like me), useful information, news with their own point of view like a newspaper editorial, advertisements, and some are insensible things to post just because the writers have readers.

The blogger. Who, or what are these bloggers? Are they writers, desperate for an outlet because they have too much thoughts and they need a place to release all of it? Or they have no job and hope that a producer might take notice of their greatness online and hire them?Are these people blogging for the sake of showing off that they have a lot going on? That they have activities to "share" for everyone to see? No offense, but I'd rather read a blog with about five hundred words, than read a blog with about 150 words saying some nonsense with regards to an actor getting a new piercing on his hooha, or some lousy entries with exciting photos. If i wanted exciting photos i would just stay on my homepage engine and explore the entire everything for the day.
Getting lost, are these bloggers blogging for the sake of their readers? That they just type and post entries even if it isn't really relevant? Are they people with a beautiful sense matched with an amazing play of words. And there are bloggers like me, who rant and rave over insensible things, or current issues. Some judgemental and prejudiced. I personally prefer the prejudiced, because at least they are biased for a reason, judgementals are just people with very bad opinions.

But a blog is just a diary. As insensible as most entries are, they are still mostly diaries, of people with too much time in their hands, or people with Internet connections, or people who has the need to be popular with readers and followers. Not all of them can be called writers... because a writer can have about 400 to 500 words easy. Bloggers are just there to show something. And most of them less than 200 words, with pictures! Just so they can show everybody they have an interesting and colorful weblog.

Whatever. I'll make it a bit simpler... i hate insensible blogs. i read a lot, and in a place where there is a lot to read, a personalized point of view is as refreshing as an orange juice after eating roast beef.

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Anonymous said...

like everything else, any blog site or blogger may either be sensible or crappy, depends on who is making the observation.

Now are we all united in our observations? Definitely not. Our personal taste is subject to what we read, what we experienced, personal biases and what we know in general.

Why do people write blogs? For so many reasons. One thing is sure (w/c you forgot to mention), there's money in here (at least). Honestly, i dont really care about their reasons. Its their time that they are wasting and not mine, and it seems they are happy about what they are doing, then so be it. Irregardless whether its a show off, for money or just because they have lots of time to blog, at least sometimes i find it entertaining, not to mention its F-R-E-E. :)