Thursday, September 11, 2008

The End of an Era

For the longest time i had never liked my birthday. I like the day itself with the unluckiest number 13. I had my reason: IT’S A SCHOOLDAY. Quite embarrassing, actually, to have classmates badger you for a party, or for a “blow-out” or something. I don’t even get presents for it! I never liked presents too, simply because it feels like a bribery so you would be a good girl for the coming year. It sounds silly, but since i had been, REALLY thinking like that.

However, i also thought of celebrating my birthday, but ONLY a couple times, and those are the years that are significant. 18 is not significant so i didn’t really celebrate it. I chose: 24, 33, and 45. I don’t know if i would still alive after those years, we’ll never know, but those years are significant to me.

I’m turning 24 this Saturday! The year i have been waiting since i was 13. Way back then i only thought 24 is the MOST exciting year of being single. When i turned 15, i found out that it’s the year when i actually am considered an adult and beyond my parent’s control legally. When one turns 18 you only get adult privileges. At 24 you get to do all. *evil grin*… and at this day i want to celebrate it with a BANG!

Unfortunately, i am not able to celebrate it at all. See, at age 20, i ran away (or eloped, for a more appropriate term) because i was pregnant, and i got married. I made that decision, don’t ask me why, but i did. But still. i want to celebrate this year with a bang. Last year i thought of flying back to the Philippines so i can celebrate with a few friends, but then, i had my second baby, which eliminates all the possibilities of celebrating with a few friends EVER. But i never gave up, and i still want to celebrate it because it’s one of the few birthdays i HAVE been looking forward to. But there is just NO WAY on earth that my parents will fly here (we’re still not speaking), or to see my friends, or to simply have a get-together all for my own. So i told my manong, let’s just dine out that day, with my kids, and my in-laws.

So i started planning, i wanted to look fabulous that day! When is that day gonna be? A weekday… a weekend, doesn’t matter. I said i want to and that’s THAT…. I’ll lose a couple pounds so can fit my blue dress perfectly, i’m growing my hair so i can do it properly, i took care of my nails so it won’t be too long or too short, AND not chipped. So when is it going to be? I don’t like my birthdays but this one, even if i’m nervous (surprised?), should be just perfect. So when is it?

A month ago, i checked the calendar so i know what day my birthday will land on. I laughed, and i was sooo nervous i even called Jocelyn because i was freaked out. In fairness to God, to what i have been looking forward to for the longest time, i AM going to celebrate that day with a bang… together with the entire clan of my husband… and the entire country at that.

EVERYONE: my birthday landed on a national holiday, their THANKSGIVING DAY. Now there’s the bang i’m looking for (^__^)…

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